When I was 16, my MySpace bio said “If I have paint on my hands and smell like coffee and photo chemicals, it’s a good day.” Since then, I’ve never been able to sum up who I am any better. Being a creator, an observer, an artist, a storyteller are all deeply engrained in my identity. With my dad's old film camera and high school darkroom, my appreciation of photography and documenting life started.

I love what weddings allow: unforgettable moments, epic dance moves, everyone you love in one room, and the tears, sometimes from the people you least expect. 

Meet Amy

Photographer. Supporter. She/Her.

I began my wedding business 10 years ago, often focused on getting "epic" shots and artistic portraits. Growing up with my business taught me that the most important photos I take aren't the stunning shots that make you look like a celebrity (but they are super fun!). What lasts are the photo you take with your parents or the friends you never see, those family photos you're itching to be over so you can have a cocktail. I check my ego at the door and know that your people are the most important part of the day.  All you need is love and the desire to enjoy it while being fully you. That's what makes the most beautiful photos.

Because your day is more than a wedding blog publication. 

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Sam + Eddie

 It ended up raining day of and Amy was still able to get the most amazing shots. We wanted to make sure that she was able to capture the special moments during our weekend and she did just that. We had an amazing time looking through all of the photos and will treasure them FOREVER! We would 100% recommend hiring Amy for your photos. She is a rockstar with an amazing eye.

Holy Cow!

Marriage > wedding


Connection over poses


Family photos in albums and on walls
Prioritizing relationships and experiences


DAILY walks / oat milk lattes / ENNEAGRAM 9 / dog lover with a cat 


Sunrises and sunsets in beautiful, new places
Ted Lasso and bob's burgers
True crime & spooky podcasts as editing fuel


Couples portraits



family portraits


Wedding Photos 

My goal is to provide not only amazing photos but also a five star experience. I want your memories to be filled with unforgettable moments without realizing a camera is even there. I want your planning process to be detailed yet simple, leaving you confident that I and the other vendors are about to make your experience feel effortless and for you to enjoy without stress. Let's dive in deeper.


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It's time to sign up for spring mini session! These 15 minute sessions are perfect for families, couples or you and your doggo. I'm currently offering these sessions in April, may, and june in charlotte, raleigh, and chapel hill. click the link below to see how you can sign up.

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