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I offer a committed, one-on-one private editing relationship to understand your aesthetic. I use anchor images and feedback from past edits to learn your editing choices in different light situations. This results in strong, consistent images in your true style. 

I work with both digital and hybrid wedding photographers around the US and am experienced in film matching and emulation. Whether you are light and airy, dark and moody, or somewhere in between, my goal is for you to open your edited catalog and feel confident in sending it to a client without lifting another finger.

I’m Amy. My fuel for editing photos is iced coffee with creamer and a spooky podcast. I know you’re a busy, kickass photographer who pours their time and energy into growing your business baby. As a fellow wedding photographer, I know how things can get overwhelming fast. Running a business is rewarding but so much work, especially if you’re doing it solo. You want to be out shooting and letting your creativity flow, but often end up stuck in front of the computer in an editing marathon. 

In my 10 years as a wedding photographer, busy seasons made it impossible to edit on my own, so I tried outsourcing. It gave me freedom and most importantly, TIME. For myself, loved ones, and my couples. As I shoot less weddings per year, I miss perfecting images of love stories and want to help photographers feel the balance and relief I felt with hiring an editor.

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Welcome! I’m amy, 

.38 cents per image for general edits.

.50-$2.00 per image for spot removal and adjustment brush work.

.05 cents per image for culling.

Grab my Pricing Guide to for more in depth pricing and details on how we can work together, or book a trial with 50 free photos!


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- Preset application
- Develop panel adjustments in Lightroom
- Quick and easy systems to provide feedback
- Simple file exchange method
- An online scheduler to book your catalog edits
- Turnaround in 3-5 business days
- A private photo editor with over 10 years of experience shooting and editing weddings, portraits and commercial work.
- Additional services include culling and spot removal.

- Reclaiming time for your personal life.
- Preventing burn out and giving more energy to take care of or grow your business. (Remember blogging?)
- An editor who understands your style, applying it to every wedding consistently unlike an editing lab.
- Assurance that you have a team member to help you through the busiest seasons!
- Is there a wedding that was full of stressors and editing it will make you relive those? You don’t have to edit it- I got you!



It may seem daunting to hand over your photos to someone and expect them back in your style, but I have a detailed system with little time and energy from you! From file sharing to feedback, I make sure the process is simple and becomes even easier as we continue working together. Here’s how it works in 4 easy steps:

The Process

Before doing this, you can book a 15 minute discovery call with me, or sign up for a free trial run of 50 images and see how I work. Once you decide to make it official, you’ll fill out an onboarding form so I can gather all the info needed to edit your photos to the best of my ability.

No need from Dropbox, spending hours uploading and sending over raws (really!). The process is incredibly simple, using my own upload page and lightroom catalogs, and explained in a step-by-step visual guide given to my clients.

Within 3-5 business days, your photos are ready! Download your catalog and import it into Lightroom using the simple, visual guide I give you. Once you do this, you’ll get to watch your images transform in front of you!

Once a client, you gain access to an online calendar where you can schedule current or future wedding and session edits. You can schedule multiple edits on this calendar in advance, just take a look at your calendar year. No need to wait until a couple of weeks before!





Sara Boyd Photography

Amy really saved my ass in 2021! I found myself drowning in edits since we all admittedly bit off more than we could chew to make ends meet. I had never outsourced before because I’m usually way too particular but Amy made the process simple and she quickly gained my trust. She’s always open to feedback but honestly, she got it nearly perfect from the start so there wasn’t much to correct! I’m so thankful for Amy, her professionalism, efficiency, and ability to match my editing style.

Jeanette Joy Photography

Amy is my editing angel! I worked with three editors before her. Nobody has been as organized and as talented as she is. She just makes the whole process so easy and it has been a lifesaver for me as a mom / entrepreneur. 

Christine Baulieu Lawrence

Amy is amazing and has TRULY saved me during such a busy season! She helped edit over half of my weddings and multiple sessions, so I could handle the actual weddings and sessions more. Most of the time, I don't have to change a thing to her edits but when I do, she's eager to fix them in a timely manner. I couldn't do what I do without her anymore!

Aly barnett photography

OMG! Having Amy is such a life saver!! I cannot tell you about the feel being on vacation and not feeling guilty for taking a break. That feeling like you’re on top of your editing that has relieved so much stress! Having Amy rather than a big brand name is the way to go. You actually set up a zoom call, she gets to know YOU and your editing.

Amelia Fletcher photography

Having Amy help me with a crazy fall season was the best decision I could have made last year. Her process is simple and easy, matching my editing style and taking stress off my plate so I have time to focus on other areas of my business and personal time with my family. 

Aly barnett photography

OMG! Having Amy is such a life saver!! I cannot tell you about the feel being on vacation and not feeling guilty for taking a break. That feeling like you’re on top of your editing that has relieved so much stress! Having Amy rather than a big brand name is the way to go. You actually set up a zoom call, she gets to know YOU and your editing.

The Hazel Club Photography

Amy has been an absolute godsend this past year and I'm so glad I found her. she has truly taken all of the stress out of outsourcing- she's incredibly responsive and reliable, her turnaround time is quick, and she matches my editing style flawlessly! (but is always open to feedback, which I value!) I'm so impressed by her and so, so glad that I've found someone who I can trust to handle such a key part of my business. 

Remy Thurston Photography

“Amy completely changed the way I look at taking on weddings. I used to account for so much time taken out of my personal schedule, but now my edits are being reproduced faithfully, quickly and accurately—my work-life balance thanks me (and Amy) for it.”

what people are saying

I do! I offer culling at 5 cents an image. Lightroom spot removal and brush adjustments is priced around .50 cents per image. This is generally for dodging shadowy faces, removing exit signs, light switch removal, etc. Jobs like replacing Uncle Bob’s eyes because he wouldn’t stop blinking are priced higher.

Great question! I use anchor images for each wedding to ensure I learn your style and editing choices long term. These are photos you edit and that I use as references once you send over your smart preview catalog. I recommend editing a photo for each time there is a major light or location change. 

I also have a quick and easy feedback system that will allow us to communicate through recorded video and screen share. That way, if you want to show me how you make changes, I have it documented for our future work together. This is something I wish I could have done when I outsourced with editing labs!

I don’t! It’s actually way more efficient, safer for your files, and easier than you think! It’s all about smart previews. Don’t worry, I have a visual, fool-proof guide that that walks through each step. After a couple times, it’ll be effortless.

Currently, I do not. My goal is to work with clients long term to develop the best editing experience possible. Because of this, my editing appointment calendar is only accessible to my onboarded clients.

1. Do you take one-time clients?

2. Do you offer culling and photoshop edits?

3. Wait, you don’t need my RAW photos? What is this hocus pocus?

4. I’m interested! But I haven’t been happy with outsourcing to big labs. What makes you different?


I'm taking on a limited number of new clients for 2024! If you have any questions or wish to book a consultation before we dive into a trial or onboarding, don't hesitate to email me at amy@amyellisphotography.com. I can't wait to work with you!

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