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2017 Year in Review

I can say with confidence that my years as a wedding photographer get better and better. The couples I have the honor to work for are always so sweet, and know what's truly important on a wedding day and in a marriage. There were so many unique and memorable moments to this year, it's best to let the images speak for themselves, but here is a list of my favorite parts of my job this year:

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Lydia + Derek | Mint Museum Wedding | Charlotte, NC

I'm so excited to share this wedding with you! I visited the Mint Museum at Randolph many times as a child but I've never seen it magically turned into a picture perfect wedding venue. I loved bonding over coffee with Lydia before the big day and hearing that her creative mind would be reflected in the decor. I'm head over heels for the ribbons hanging from the ceremony tree, the flowers her talented family friend turned into my favorite bouquet, and for the sweet moments Lydia and Derek had in the private courtyard immediately after they were pronounced husband and wife.

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Catie + Zach | The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel | Greenville, SC

This wedding. It has a special place in my heart. Catie and Zach contacted me two weeks before their wedding, and I'm so so glad I was available to be a part of it. They were in search of a storyteller because as actors, they too are storytellers, and beautiful ones at that. They got married in a cliffside chapel in their parents' new neighborhood, encouraging guests to be a part of the ceremony with readings and well wishes. Loved ones were involved in everything, from a mountaintop prayer, to the ceremony, to toasts. They celebrated with brunch at the house after, using incredible found China from the former residents and taking turns giving heartfelt toasts. Catie and Zach's hearts are so big, and so is their love for each other. They remind me of how important telling these stories are. It was an unforgettable day.

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