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Real Talk: 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Photography Business

Wedding photography is a highly concentrated industry these days, and it’s not surprising because it’s a career path with incredible benefits and experiences if done the right way. You are literally attending a happy party every weekend and freezing the best parts of it in time, you hike mountains and watch sunsets and become friends with your couples, you get to eat amazing CAKE almost every Saturday night, and you get to be creative. Can it get better than that? I saw wedding photography as a must, like many other folks I know. However, it took quite a few years to eventually reach the full time business goal and a whole lot of energy. It was all because I was clueless as to what it means to run a photo business. Here are some things I wish I knew when I first started photography.

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What's My Why?

When you ask a lot of photographers why they do what they do, it’s usually something along the lines of “I love weddings” and “I love love.” These are, in fact, great answers for folks who spend their lives photographing and editing weddings, however these statements are something that feel generic to me when thinking about my own personal “why”. But, WHY, though? Discovering my “why” was not lovey-dovey. To be honest, if you told me in college years ago that’s I’d be starting a wedding business in 2013, I’d probably laugh and think you were crazy.

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Goals for 2018

What does 2017 hold? A new city in a new state, living with my boyfriend, who has lived 500 miles away for our entire relationship until now. Also, I'm about to be a dog mom! I'm so excited for the new possibilities and have set more goals to not just pay the bills with a business, but ensure it's a successful and rewarding experience. Honestly,  I don't expect to cross everything off this list, but I want them to motivate me to keep working.

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