2018 Fall Internship Application



I just wrapped an amazing spring season with my intern, Chasity Lollis! We had an amazing time hopping around Charlotte and Asheville together. I'd love for you to check out her work, it's incredible: https://www.chasitylollis.com. I'm sad that our season has come to a close, but I'm excited to meet someone else who is ready to take on weddings with me!

I’m looking for an intern who is pumped to dive into the action and take part in my work to grow their wedding photography business. This epic intern will second shoot weddings with me on weekends, as well as receive coaching sessions from me. I’m very excited to offer this because interning for a wedding photographer is how I started my own business. I was able to go full time the next year, and I owe most of what I know to that experience..

Second shooting is a wonderful opportunity to learn technical skills and client interaction. It’ll give you a feel for direction and posing, lighting and backdrops, and likely how awkward I can be. The whole shebang. But really, this will help you curate a story with real moments and sweet emotions. These second shooting opportunities can take place all over the Carolinas, such as Greenville (SC), Asheville, Charlotte, Charleston, Raleigh, etc, so be ready for travel! I should be able to offer transportation if we are located near each other, but I cannot guarantee it 100% of the time. Also, guess what. It’s paid! You’ll receive $15 per hour for wedding coverage.

The biggest benefit to second shooting: You gain a strong portfolio, which is key to getting your own clients! You are welcome to use these on your website, blog and social media, but please do not submit these to be featured in publications. If you post these on social media or your own blog, please credit me as the head shooter!

The coaching sessions can cover business practices, shooting, editing, marketing, client care - whatever you want to learn that I can teach! Once we chat about what you are interested in learning, I’ll lay out a teaching plan. The coaching sessions will take place in Greenville, SC, or through FaceTime if you aren’t local.



-Have your own professional, Canon gear.

-Gear required would include a camera body at the Canon 6D level or above, at least one speedlite, a wide lens (such as a 35mm), and a portrait lens (such as a 50mm). Transitional lenses (24-70mm or 70-200mm) also work. Mark ii, iii, or iv camera bodies are preferred.

-Must know how to use your camera in manual mode. Yeah, it’s totes necessary.

-Must have back up batteries and memory cards. You can shoot on mine, but if you have dual slots, I recommend shooting on one of mine and one of yours.

-Must be comfortable and respectful when shooting ALL weddings. All races, religions, and sexualities. Love is love.

-Must be able to commit to at least 5 weddings between September and November. I’d love to have you for as many as possible though!

-Lightroom/Photoshop experience is a huge plus! The most important thing is that you’re motivated and eager to learn.

-Some wedding photography experience is preferred.



Send me an email at amyellisphotos@gmail.com with the answers to these questions below! Applications due by September 1st!

Are you 18 or older?
Phone Number?
What’s your instagram and/or website?
How long have you been a photographer?
What do you love about photography? Weddings?
If you could photograph your dream wedding, what would it be like?
What gear do you have?
What are you hoping to learn from this internship?
Are you able to travel on your own and shoot on weekends? Are you comfortable driving to cities all over on weekends? (I will primarily be shooting in Charlotte and Asheville, NC)
What are 3 random facts about yourself? Or more, if you’re feeling wild.


Amy Ellis