Rose + Drew's Wedding | Monroe, NC


I ended my 2017 wedding season on December 30th, and it was a lovely way to conclude a great year. I first met Rose at Amelie's and had a great talk with her about Drew and their vision for their wedding. Their priorities were God and family, and it would take place in their church, officiated by Drew's father. It sounded simple and perfect, but Rose wasn't finished! When Rose's ideas came to life, my mouth dropped. Everything was DIY from the flower crowns to the string lights and Christmas wreaths hanging 30 feet above the dance floor. Her and her loved ones' hard work turned a gym into a high end wedding venue. They were blessed with not only a day that was picture perfect, but one that was filled with sweet and meaningful moments. These two faced a few hardships shortly before the wedding, including losing Drew's grandfather. My favorite moment was Drew dancing with his grandmother during the anniversary dance, as she and her husband would have been married the longest out of all the guests. I also had the pleasure of having on of Rose and Drew's friend second shoot for me, Adrienne, giving the photos a very personal feel. Thank you two for being wonderful, and for letting me document your day. <3

Amy Ellis