Chris + Tessa at The Village Grind | Greenville, SC


Winter is an odd time for photographers. The slow season means concentrating on marketing, bookkeeping, taxes, all the fun business stuff. Until this shoot, I hadn't touched my camera in a month, so I was PUMPED when Tessa reached out about a session with Chris. It was my first official session in my new city, AND in one of my new favorite coffee shops, The Village Grind. It was the perfect place to get cozy on a dreary February day, and these two look pretty darn adorable getting cozy. 

To be honest, I barely told these two what to do. I normally show up to a session armed with poses, prompts, ways to interact, but guess what: They're both photographers and know exactly what their doing (Tessa and I even shot a wedding together in 2016!). We chatted, explored the area and let the moments between them come naturally. Their chemistry is full of laughter and snuggles, making it hard to narrow down this blogpost! So here is a bunch of lovely moments that make me happy. I'm so glad these two hard working creates found each other!

Amy Ellis