2018 in Review


This was a year of a rewarding business, a new side business, the sweetest, most genuine couples, two big moves, new cities and venues, documenting new life with previous couples, creating healthy boundaries, and much, much more. It was one of the most challenging years yet, but without a doubt the best year ever as a wedding photographer. I’m spoiled rotten by the loving people I get to work with, and with couples from years ago coming to me to photograph new milestones. I leave weddings feeling like a family member, excited to share what I documented. I’ve had two amazing interns this year that I loved teaching, and definitely learned a few things from them as well. It was SO HARD to narrow down favorites from each wedding and session, so here are a bajillion photos reviewing the best year yet. Thank you for all the support, I cannot wait to start documenting 2019. <3

Amy Ellis