Morgan + Mike's Wedding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens | Charlotte, NC


THESE TWO. Morgan has my heart, guys. We became friend over margaritas and puppies a few years ago, and one thing I always loved about our friendship is that we bond as introverts. We can vent to each other about being drained, we laugh about introvert struggles, and had great conversation about an introverts needs on a wedding day. Most introverts don’t want giant weddings, it gives me anxiety thinking about the possibility of having 150+ guests at my future wedding. That’s why I’m a huge advocate of the couple putting what they want and need as priority. That’s what I love about Morgan and Mike. They made a day that brought their people together, shared an intimate ceremony, a slightly larger reception, and sprinkled it with meaning. Laid back and meaningful. Ugh. I love it. AND they got engaged just a few steps away from their ceremony site. It was a true honor to photograph a dear friend and her family. <3

Amy Ellis