Kevin + Brittany Engagement Session | Linville Gorge Wilderness


Brittany and Kevin are a couple of sillies, and I love it. Add their adorable pup Sprout into the equation and you get a lot of laughs and hella cute photos. These three took me to a spot that had a lot of meaning to them: the place where Kevin proposed. Brittany told me Kevin proposed at the Babel Tower trail head after they had finished a 10 mile hike in the rain. She was sitting in the bed of their truck eating (devouring) peanut butter by the spoonful. She really loved the idea of capturing them sitting in the truck bed together at that trail head, and it's hands down my favorite part of the session, more than the mountain views. Engagement photos are going to be treasured so much more when they're taken at a place that's already valued. Incorporating their love story into the photos created a more intimate and joyful setting, and made them so much more comfortable (except for Sprout, who couldn't decide whether to leave the warmth of the truck or come out to get pets).  We had quite an adventure driving up a gravel road, passing a truck that had caught on fire in the middle of said gravel road, and exploring the overlooks and mountains at the top. I love the jokes and love of beer these two have, and that they are truly the best of friends. The didn't take themselves or the photos too seriously, and it created some great shots filled I hope they will cherish. <3

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