Catie + Zach | The Cliffs at Glassy Chapel | Greenville, SC


This wedding. It has a special place in my heart. Catie and Zach contacted me two weeks before their wedding, and I'm so so glad I was available to be a part of it. They were in search of a storyteller because as actors, they too are storytellers, and beautiful ones at that. They got married in a cliffside chapel in their parents' new neighborhood, encouraging guests to be a part of the ceremony with readings and well wishes. Loved ones were involved in everything, from a mountaintop prayer, to the ceremony, to toasts. They celebrated with brunch at the house after, using incredible found China from the former residents and taking turns giving heartfelt toasts. Catie and Zach's hearts are so big, and so is their love for each other. They remind me of how important telling these stories are. It was an unforgettable day. <3

And somehow all my favorite weddings never have professional vendors. These talented creatives and their family and friends are responsible for everything beautiful you see in these images. Literally everything. Ya done good, C+Z!