Chris + Stephanie

Every time I hike Craggy for a photo session, there is a chance of thunderstorms. It's a little unsettling, however, every hike I've made with couples has ended up being beautiful. Distant rain clouds, sunlight peaking through the crevices, a cool's perfection. Stephanie and Chris got engaged in Asheville, so it seemed perfect to hold their engagement session there. We hiked around, talked about their engagement story, true crime shows, and watched rain move across the Blue Ridge Mountains (thankfully not in our direction!). I love Stephanie's crinkled-nose laugh when Chris cracks a joke and the way he looks at her. Their wedding at Separk Mansion this fall is going to be a great on for sure. Also, I have to give a shoutout to Mirror Bomb for doing an incredible job with Stephanie's hair! <3

Amy Ellis