2017 Year in Review


I can say with confidence that my years as a wedding photographer get better and better. The couples I have the honor to work for are always so sweet, and know what's truly important on a wedding day and in a marriage. There were so many unique and memorable moments to this year, it's best to let the images speak for themselves, but here is a list of my favorite parts of my job this year:

Posed with the groomsmen during bridal party photos.

Photographed a ceremony through the crack in the church door.

Watched brides put on their mother's or grandmother's wedding dress

Had brides where a dress MADE by their mother.

Photographed a seamless wedding that was planned in two weeks.

Had couples get married without rings, bouquets, garter tosses and bridal parties.

Witnessed both the bride and groom walk down the aisle escorted by both parents.

Had a bride rock a Wonder Woman gown at her reception.

Pet SO MANY DOGS at weddings and engagement sessions.

Cried at Father/Bride first looks.

Had the honor of photographing the wedding of a photographer I interned for in college.

Photographed grandparents dancing on the dance floor.

Pet more than one donkey in my sessions.

Loved several brides and bridesmaids who rock armpit hair like a BOSS, because they like having it.

Watched a groom sing and play mandolin for his bride before the ceremony.

Photographed couples get ready together before their wedding.

Had weddings and sessions in backyards, old churches, carnivals, mountaintops, museums, bars, rooftops, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan fire escapes, and the Whitewater Center.

And lastly, I've had couples who are so, so kind, and care more about the marriage than the wedding.

I'm the luckiest, aren't I?