What to Expect with Amy Ellis Photography

Booking everything involved in a wedding isn’t always easy. There are so many parts to organize—not just photography (why you’re here!), but also everything from venue and catering to what kind of paper the invitations are printed on and the table centerpieces that guests can take home at the end of the best day of your life (so far). In order to ease some of the stress that might come from the entire process, I’ve outlined what you can expect from me and from our working together leading up to the big day.


First Things First—Once the contract is signed and you are on the calendar, I will reach out about any sessions if they are included in your package. The session definitely doesn’t need to happen immediately, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about when you’d like it to be so we can get it on the calendar. 

Engagement Session—You’ll receive some information from me to help you prepare. The session will be 1-2 hours long and your images will be edited within two weeks. When you want to schedule the session is up to you! Think about what season you’d like to have the session during, and whether or not you want to use these for save the dates, a wedding website, etc. 

Bridal Session—I recommend doing this at least 6 weeks before your wedding, allowing time to reschedule in case of weather hiccups. This session allows you to see your hair, makeup, and dress together, if you wish. You will receive some bridal info from me about a month before.

Checking In—I love to check in! I want to make sure everything is going well, and see if there is any way I can be of assistance. I’ll reach out about any upcoming sessions, the timeline, any vendors I need to contact, etc. I also want to make sure you don’t have any questions or concerns for me. You’re more than welcome, if you do have questions, to let me know as well!

Timeline—The timeline of your wedding day is crucial to great photos. I love being involved in the process, even if it’s just giving you a layout of what I’ll need for the best photos and for the day to go smoothly. I’m happy to meet for coffee or chat through FaceTime or phone to go over things, and offer sample timelines from past weddings that went well.  I’ve photographed a lot of weddings, so I’m happy to give advice where I can. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Questionnaire—In order for my part in the wedding to go well, I have a questionnaire that covers details both big and small. Whether it’s the family formals list, details that have sentimental value, or people who mean the most to you on the wedding day, all of it is part of your story and we want to be sure to tell it. You’ll receive this questionnaire around 8 weeks before the wedding, giving you time to fill it out. I ask to have it completed 4 weeks prior (if everything is planned out) so we have time to tie up loose ends and ask any follow-up questions.

Wedding Day—I will come with my questionnaire in hand, ready to take amazing photos for you! I will step in on occasion to suggest a place to stand or move something, but I will mainly be an observer. During family formals, bridal party, and couples photos, I will help things move along quickly, but still let you enjoy yourself. During couples photos, we will do some traditional shots, but I will also give you prompts and activities to do with each other. This allows you to enjoy each other, as well as open up for candid moments. After the ceremony and the previous must-have shots, it’s time to party. The reception is time for you to let loose and really celebrate. Remember, you just got married! This is when I will get images of you spending time with loved ones. 

The Day After—You can expect an email from me by the evening to congratulate you and share a small handful of previews! 

30 Days Later—Your images are ready! You’ll receive an online gallery and your USB will be on its way to you. Once you receive your edited images, feel free to post them on Facebook or print them out and cherish them. <3

Amy Ellis