Andrew + Amy at Deerfields | Asheville, NC

Andrew and Amy's wedding day was one for the books. As someone who lived in Asheville during college, the area and the people of Asheville hold a special place in my heart. Being a part of this celebration made me feel like I was living there once again, and being able to watch all the sweet details come together made the gorgeous Deerfields campground feel like home. Andrew's relatives baked away in the kitchen, making family recipes for dessert. Their bridesmaids and friends arranged bouquets with flowers from the farmers market. The guests sat on blankets, watching the ceremony from a hill, and Andrew and Amy spent all of their cocktail hour talking with their loved ones. Amy's dress, found on Craigslist of all places, might be my favorite dress of the year, and Andrew, a ceramic artist, made flasks for all his groomsmen. Everything about their day was simple and personal, including the cake topper, created by my dear friend Marla George. When you get a bunch of Asheville artists and creatives together, there's no doubt the day is going to be both beautiful and one hell of a good time. I'm so thankful I got to document this wonderful day.  <3

Amy EllisDeerfields