Twickenham House | Brenda + Zack

This wedding has a special place in my heart. I pulled up to Twickenham House on a foggy, cool morning, making the top of the mountain look magical. And the magic stayed for the entire day. Brenda, Zack, and their family stayed at this beautiful house for a week, preparing for the wedding with their own special details. They made the cake, the bouquets, even the bridesmaids dresses. Even the morning of their wedding day, Brenda gave her groom a haircut. It was such a personal day, and I loved capturing the love and excitement of everyone around. I honestly cannot tell you my favorite part of the day, but it may be a tie between the bride and groom shots at the cliffs, and the crazy hour of partying at the reception. Here are a few of the moments I loved the most out of the day! And a huge thank you to the amazing Amelia Fletcher for helping me capture the day. She is a rockstar.