Things I love

  • Iced coffee with creamer.

  • Porch sitting + listening to bluegrass.

  • This American Life + ghost story podcasts while editing.

  • Catching lightning bugs.

  • Keeping farm animals alive and happy, but not cacti.

  • Dark chocolate with sea salt.

  • Bob Ross + Bill Nye

  • 30 Rock + It's Always Sunny

  • Finger gun greetings.

  • Margaritas + chips & queso.

  • All the dogs, including my fur child Tina.

  • My partner, Sam, who is the spirits editor of The Manual.

  • Traveling and photographing new places.


Hi there,
Nice to Meet You



Honestly, I didn't plan to be a wedding photographer.

Photography has been a part of my life since I was 16, when my brother showed me negatives of his trip to the Grand Canyon. After that, I spent most of my time in the high school dark room and reading about Henri Cartier-Bresson. I was going to be a National Geographic photographer. But, weddings? Those sounded terrifying. I thought weddings required pointing a flash in the couple's eyes, posing them awkwardly and making a bride I barely knew look like a perfect princess in every shot. But then I went online and discovered the style I shoot now, which concentrates on getting to know couples personally, letting the day unfold naturally, and capturing real, unposed moments at nontraditional weddings. As soon as I realized this is what wedding photography could be, I was hooked. Now I live for moments that will forever be treasured by people on the most personal levels. Dad's crying at father/daughter first looks, 85-year-old grandma's busting moves on the dance floor, ceremonies that have  personal touches and wedding portraits that couples can hang on the wall and think back to where they started 50 years from now.

What can be better than that? 


A Few of my Favorite Things

A Few More Goodies


I love when a couple...

-is more excited about the marriage than the wedding day.
-doesn’t feel they need to follow traditions if they don't fit.
 -exchanges personal vows during a private first look.
-values candid moments over posed ones.
-plans small, intimate, weddings, whether in a backyard, or on a mountaintop.
-wants an unplugged ceremony, where guests watch your vows without a phone in front of their face.
-won't let a wilted bouquet, a dirty dress or a wrinkled tux put a damper on their day.
-want their wedding to truly be their own, and not a recreation of Pinterest images.
-think cheese is for eating, not for photos (aka those "I said yes!" chalkboards).
-want to build a relationship with the person following them around with a camera all day.