Meet Amy

Hi, I'm Amy, and I carry a camera around my neck just about everywhere I go. Usually, I leave the house with my hair however it looks when I roll out of bed, because life is to short to spend more than a few minutes getting ready. My fuel for editing photos is iced coffee with cream and episodes of This American Life.  Although I typically meet engaged couples over coffee, I'll never turn down an offer to meet over wine or beer. I used to work on a farm and learned that I'm good at keeping animals alive, but not plants. I'm always saving up for the next big trip to a new and exciting place.

When I was little,  I wanted to be a painter, then a writer, then a movie director.  I grew up watching Bob Ross paint happy little trees, reading Harry Potter, and listening to cassettes of Appalachian ghost stories. In every aspect of my life, I wanted to be a storyteller. At 16, I finally found a way that "clicked" (haaa, jokes). With a film camera and my high school darkroom, I learned the beauty and excitement of lifestyle photography. I've been hooked ever since!

I believe that photos make a difference in the world and are key to reliving stories. My favorite thing to photograph is one of the most important days of your life; the day you marry the person you love. I want you to remember the real moments, the ones where you forget the camera is there. I want to give you photos that won't just be in a Facebook album, but hung on the walls of your home. I want you to be able to look back 50 years from now and remember how important that day was to you. It is always an honor to be the person to capture those memories. If I seem like a great fit for you, please reach out to me, I'd love to hear your story!


My Favorite Kind of Love

-Couples who are more excited about the marriage than the wedding day.

-Couples who don't feel they need to follow traditions to create a wedding that fits them.

-Couples who exchange personal vows during a private first look.

-Couples who are more concerned with me capturing their relationship than photoshopping their arms to look thin. You look like you, so you look awesome!

-Couples who are weird and make each other laugh.

-Couples who value candid moments over posed ones.

-Small, intimate, weddings, whether in a backyard, or on a mountaintop.

-Unplugged ceremonies, where guests watch your vows without a phone in front of their face.

-Type-B brides who won't to let a wilted bouquet or a wrinkled tux put a damper on their day, and won't care if their dress gets a little dirty.

-Couples who want their wedding to truly be their own, and not a recreation of Pinterest images.

-Couples who think cheese is for eating, not for photos (aka those "I said yes!" chalkboards)

-Couples who think it's important to build a relationship with the person following them around with a camera all day.



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